Top tips for staying safe on the internet

To celebrate Get Online Week our volunteer digital champions and digital partners share their favourite tips for staying safe online.
The first in a series of top tips for staying safe online

The Good Things Foundation runs the annual Get Online Week campaign. This year it takes place from 18-24 October. They state that 'a lack of digital skills and access can have a huge negative impact on a person’s life, leading to poorer health outcomes and a lower life expectancy, increased loneliness and social isolation, and less access to jobs and education.

We've been running digital inclusion projects for a number of years now. From our own work, we know that fears about scams can be a barrier for people with less confidence or experience of going online.  Where digital activities involve money, such as online shopping and banking, it's natural that there is additional uncertainty.

Internet safety comes up as a theme and concern in all our digital training sessions. Learners are often worried by pop-ups on their screens, confused by cookies, and are very anxious about scams. We support learners to check details so they stay safe and use the internet carefully.
— Philippa Russell, Community Link Worker at Healthwatch Islington

Two of our volunteer digital champions, along with one of our digital partners,  Jannaty Women's Social Society, have helped us mark Get Online Week by producing some (very) short videos sharing their personal top tips for staying safe online. We're delighted to share them here.

Our top tips for staying safe online

  1. If it sounds too good to be true...  Keith, volunteer Digital Champion
  2.  Don't give out your personal details...  Najwa, Jannaty
  3. Don't share holiday schedules on social media  Najwa, Jannaty
  4. Avoid using public wifi for shopping and banking  John, volunteer Digital Champion
  5. Avoid clicking on pop-ups that come up randomly  Najwa, Jannaty

Find out more about our digital support

  • We offer support to residents to build their digital skills and confidence. Our digital champions are volunteers from the local community. Find out more about volunteering
  • We are running a digital training event Staying Safe Online in December, but there's a strong emphasis on safety in all our training, regardless of theme.

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