Jana Witt, Chair

Jana works as a Programme Manager in the healthcare sector, with expertise in quality improvement, patient involvement, cancer, and end of life care. Jana has a strong interest in promoting patient choice, as well as public health and well-being, and is passionate about improving health and social care services to ensure they meet the needs of service users.

Ralph Hughes

Ralph has worked as a Health Economist and a Research Manager. He has spent ten years working to improve access to medicines and healthcare though policy development. He has joined Healthwatch to continue this work in a more direct way, at the point where individual patients interact with the health system. He wants to help improve the wellbeing of the local community.

Angelica Larkin

Angelica is an experienced civil servant, who has worked across medical research and science and innovation policy. More recently, she has been responsible for private rented housing and support for vulnerable groups. Angelica is passionate about creating a fairer society. As an Islington resident, Angelica joined Healthwatch to support the local community and improve health and wellbeing outcomes for all.

Ewan Macleod

Ewan has spent 10 years working in finance with a focus on real estate and renewable energy. Ewan joined Healthwatch Islington to contribute to the area where he lives and works, and because he feels strongly about the importance of good health and social care outcomes.

Elena Miranda

Elena is the Healthwatch Islington Treasurer. Elena has a background in Biotechnology. She is currently responsible for the administration and financial management of the Biobank at UCL Cancer Institute.

Kate Overall

Kate is on the NHS Graduate Training Scheme and currently works as a service manager for a cancer service at UCLH. Kate has a strong interest in public health and wellbeing, including social determinants of health and health inequalities, and previously volunteered at Healthwatch Islington whilst completing her BSc in Psychology and MSc in Population Health. Before joining the NHS, Kate was working at Public Health England in the Behavioural Science Team as part of the COVID-19 response. As an Islington resident, Kate has joined Healthwatch to support the local community and ensure that health and social care services meet local population health needs.

Chloe Wright 

Chloe has worked in the charity sector advocating for the rights of unpaid carers and the interests of those in later life for ten years. Her career so far has included work on social care, health, housing, employment and social security policy. Chloe has joined the Healthwatch Islington Board to support Islington residents to share their experiences and aspirations for their health and care services and to secure access to great services for all.