Our Chair, Jana Witt

Jana works as a Programme Manager in the healthcare sector, with expertise in quality improvement, patient involvement, cancer, and end of life care. Jana has a strong interest in promoting patient choice, as well as public health and well-being, and is passionate about improving health and social care services to ensure they meet the needs of service users.

As an Islington resident, Jana originally joined Healthwatch Islington in 2014 to help bring about positive change in her own borough. She has been a member of the Board since 2017.

Our Board

Clara Boerkamp

Clara is the Healthwatch Islington Treasurer. Clara is an accountant with many years experience, performing this role in a range of industries.

Med Buck

Med leads an Islington based management consultancy that supports public and private health service providers to improve performance, achieve financial sustainability and deliver a better patient experience. He has previous managerial experience within the NHS and with private health service providers. Med also served as the chair of the Havering Local Involvement Network.

Ros Davies

Ros has recently retired from an international development role, and has many years of experience working for and with charities. She believes that good health is the foundation of wellbeing, and got involved with Healthwatch to help ensure everyone in the borough gets quality services which meet their varied needs. She is particularly interested in our focus on community participation and empowerment.

Ralph Hughes

Ralph has worked as a Health Economist and a Research Manager. He has spent ten years working to improve access to medicines and healthcare though policy development. He has joined Healthwatch to continue this work in a more direct way, at the point where individual patients interact with the health system. He wants to help improve the wellbeing of the local community.

Elena Miranda

Elena will take over the role of Healthwatch Islington Treasurer once Clara Boerkamp's term is over. Elena has a background in Biotechnology . She is currently responsible for the administration and financial management of the Biobank at UCL Cancer Institute.

Annie Pannelay

Both as a healthcare professional, and a mother who has lived in four different countries, Annie is aware how the quality of health services can vary. Having originally trained as a pharmacist, much of Annie's professional experience has involved evaluating the effectiveness of healthcare systems and health policy. Annie has joined Healthwatch to help improve the quality of care for everyone in the borough, and to learn more about local initiatives.