Diverse Communities Health Voice

We are Islington-based organisations supporting communities of interest. We are working together to gather insight from the Islington residents that our organisations represent so that these can inform service provision and commissioning, increasing equality of access.

Partnership organisations

Working with us

If you would like to approach the partnership or commission community engagement or co-production through the partnership, please contact:

Emma Whitby, Chief Executive Healthwatch Islington

07984 445668


If you would like to reach out to the partners individually, their websites are linked above.

How we work

  1. Diverse Communities Health Voice (DCHV) champions the voices of the diverse residents we work with.
  2. We will gather their views, but always make sure we give residents information to help them access what’s available.
  3. We will report their views, and challenge local statutory and voluntary sector partners to take these views on board in the planning and design of services.
  4. We will speak out where we see our service users being discriminated against.

Principles of working together

As a partnership, we share our skills and insight to strengthen each others’ work. We respect each others’ expertise. We support each other. We share risks and benefits including fair sharing of financial resources. As a principle, we will share responsibility for the successful delivery of this work.

We want to engage communities on issues that matter to them, in ways that are accessible and meaningful to them. We don’t ask people to give us their opinion without giving them information or support in return.

Joining the partnership

If you would like to join the partnership (criteria apply), please contact Maria Gonzalez, Partnerships and Engagement Manager at Healthwatch Islington.

07949 780695


The name Diverse Communities Health Voice belongs to the partnership and should not be used without their consent.