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Social prescribing and navigation services

Your GP can refer you to a non-clinical activity such as an exercise class, in order to support your health and well-being. An organisation like Age UK can support you to join a gardening group or an art class if you are feeling lonely or would like to pursue a new interest. This type of referral is known as social prescribing. Navigators help you to find and access appropriate activities. There are also specialist navigation services in Islington for conditions such as dementia and stroke.

We'd like to hear about your experiences of this kind of referral.

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Dementia and memory services

Diagnosis rates for dementia are high. Do support services meet the needs of Islington residents?

If you or someone you care for has dementia or uses memory services, let us know what is good about them, and what could be improved.

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Accessing GP services

Do you know about all the services you can access from your local general practice, and do you find it easy to get an appointment?

We'd like to hear about your experiences of accessing GP services. If you have tried booking a GP appointment online we'd like to know how easy or how difficult you found it, and whether there was a good selection of appointments available. Share your story.

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