Helping the NHS and social care services understand the wider impact of COVID-19

NHS and social care services have had to change the way they are working in response to COVID-19. What impact have those changes had on the way you experience services?

Coronavirus notice

Supporting the community response to COVID-19

COVID-19 has led to non-urgent treatment being postponed, a reduction in face-to-face appointments, and care homes and other services limiting public access.

NHS and social care staff are doing everything they can to keep us well during this crisis, but there might be things that can be improved. You can help services understand the issues by telling us about your experience.

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Young woman from the Bangladeshi community enjoying gardening

Mental health support for migrant communities

The coronavirus pandemic means that many of us are isolated from friends and family. Mental health support has never been more important. Our latest research project with Diverse Communities Health Voice investigates how well these services meet the needs of migrant communities in Islington.

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Digital inclusion workshop

Digital inclusion

The coronavirus pandemic has shown us how much we rely on digital communication platforms to stay feeling connected to friends, family, and the wider world. Increasingly, we need to get online to access the information and resources we need to look after our health and wellbeing.

We are providing training to local residents at risk of digital exclusion, with a particular emphasis on reaching people in sheltered accommodation, and from minority ethnic communities where English is not the first language. Get in touch to find out more.

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