Healthwatch Islington response to NHS England consultation on non-emergency patient transport

We respond to the NHS England and NHS Improvement survey on the updated eligibility criteria for non-emergency patient transport.


Our response is informed by the conversations we’ve had with residents over the last two years.

We feel that the lack of clarity in the wording of existing criteria has created ambiguity, confusion, and unfairness. From conversations with residents, carers, and health and social care colleagues in Islington we know that:

  • The criteria are applied inconsistently within and between services with resultant confusion, inconvenience, missed appointments, and demands on staff time
  • The decision-making criteria are not transparent or clear
  • There are issues regarding escorts being accepted or otherwise (and the person they are escorting being accepted or otherwise depending on whether or not they have an escort)
  • Transport provided does not always match the needs of the residents
  • There appear to be issues (as of the time of writing) with residents in wheelchairs not being accepted.


Healthwatch Islington patient transport consultation response