What you've told us about the reablement service

We carried out phone interviews with 29 people to find out if they thought reablement had worked for them.

The Islington Reablement Service supports people to regain independence following a period of ill-health, usually involving a stay in hospital. The reablement service lasts for a maximum of six weeks and is free of charge to the service user.

They washed my back, hoovered the carpet, put on slippers because I could not bend down and gave me cups of tea. They encouraged me to do what they were doing and now I am getting through doing things on my own, they helped me to do that.

local resident talking to Healthwatch

  • Most people said they were spoken to at hospital about the support they would need when they got home
  • Most of the people we spoke to felt they were treated with respect
  • Half of the people we spoke to felt they were supported to do things for themselves
  • Six people felt they had been involved in developing their care plan
  • Generally people felt the reablement service had been helpful
  • Several people said that care workers didn't always turn up when they were supposed to
  • Several people also found the lack of continuity frustrating

They often send someone different every day and that is a mistake and a failure. You have to keep going over the same things again and again. The service is for a short time. Surely they could send the same people?

local resident speaking to Healthwatch

Our report on the Islington Reablement Service summarises all the feedback we received.