Analysis of Islington GP practice websites

The information and help available through the GP practice website is likely to be an increasingly important factor in meeting patient needs.


In March 2021 we analysed the websites of 32 NHS GP practices in Islington. We concentrated on the information and access pertinent to coronavirus but were also mindful that the quality of the information available on the website has a big impact on the accessibility of online services more broadly.

Our findings:

  • Hardly any of the websites had altered or updated their standard information. Information on opening hours and available services confuses the coronavirus-specific messaging asking patients not to visit the practice.
  • Only a small number of websites explained the importance of getting vaccinated or addressed the concerns that patients may have.
  • Out of date information could undermine patient confidence
  • There was a lack of information for parents and carers
  • Translation services weren't readily available on more than half of the websites
  • There were also many examples of good practice