The impact of Covid-19: Community feedback on life during lockdown

We surveyed 200 local residents, 180 of whom were from migrant communities. We asked them about their experiences of lockdown, and of the coronavirus pandemic more broadly.


  • The impact of the crisis has been most severe for those who were already worse off, for those in less secure employment, with less financial resources.
  • There has been fear and uncertainty around accessing health care services and support.
  • As lockdown has eased, the messaging on what’s required has been confusing. In particular, there is a need for clearer messaging on coronavirus testing.
  • Residents are worried about catching the virus and worried about the consequences of lockdown, in particular on reducing contact with others and potential financial impacts. But simple things have helped us cope: spending time with people we live with, connecting with friends and family (by phone/ on-line), cooking and, for those of us who are religious, practising faith.


The impact of Covid-19: Community feedback on life during lockdown

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