Mental health day service provision in Islington

We spoke to 101 service users across three centres. The feedback we gathered will inform the recommissioning of these much valued services.
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People told us that the service currently offered is flexible. This flexibility needs to be retained, particularly in terms of the following:
  • times that services are available and the range of activities that are on offer
  • the recognition of a drop-in as an ‘activity’ in itself that helps people access services when they are feeling less confident
  • being open-access and not requiring a referral, so that people can come when they are ready without needing to wait
  • activities that are led by staff but with options for service users to take on responsibility too as appropriate
  • a range of affordable food being available across the centres on different days of the week
  • there is a diversity of venues, and identities for each of those venues.


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Mental health day service provision in Islington

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