We are here to listen to what you like about services and what you think could be improved. Your feedback helps us to decide what the big issues are in health and care, and what should be in our work plan. We pick topics where we think it's most likely we can have an influence. We also include projects that give local people the information that they need to access services.

Here are the key issues we are working on this year.

Exercise class at Cally Pool swimming pool. People join the class for reasons including weight loss and general fitness.

Social prescribing and navigation services

Many voluntary organisations in the borough refer their clients to local, non-clinical services that support their wellbeing. This process is known as social prescribing, or navigation. There are also larger NHS funded organisations that do the same.

We will ask local people about their awareness of various NHS funded navigation services, and about their experiences of social prescribing more broadly.

Dementia services

We will work with the research team at University College London Hospital, and with our community partners, to provide information workshops about dementia.

We will gather local people's views about existing support services for dementia and memory loss. We will also visit care homes to see how the oral health needs of residents with dementia are met.

Digital inclusion for families

We will work with community partners and the mobile phone network provider Three to deliver a series of smartphone training workshops aimed at parents. Participants will learn how to monitor their children's internet use and keep them safe online. They will also use their phones to access health and wellbeing resources.

NHS Long Term Plan

We will collaborate with Healthwatch organisations across North Central London to identify what local people see as the priorities for the NHS moving forward. We will visit GP surgeries to speak to patients, use online surveys, and consult with the Islington Patient Group.

GP access

We will hold a series of engagement events sharing information about new services available in primary care. We will also gather feedback about accessing GP services including going online to book appointments.

Whittington Health Estates Strategy

We will gather feedback on maternity services and accident and emergency services at the Whittington Hospital. We will also explore attitudes towards having digital instead of face to face appointments, and other potential uses of new technology.

Health information workshops

We will develop a programme of presentations which we will deliver with local community groups to increase awareness of available health and care services, and to promote our information and signposting service.

Mental health transition

We will work with local partner organisations to develop a model to improve care and support for 18 to 25 year olds with mental health needs, to help in the transition to adult mental health services and beyond.