Women from the Islington Somali Community are using their phones to support their wellbeing

Women who participated in the Log On project tell us how their smartphones are helping them to feel connected.

We visited Finfutures on Seven Sisters Road to hear from women from the Islington Somali Community who have been taking part in a recent Healthwatch project.

  • Through participating in the Log On project, they have learned how to use their smartphones to get online and discover a range of health and wellbeing resources.
  • They can now use email on their phones, and communication platforms such as Whatsapp.
  • This has helped them to stay feeling connected to friends, family, and the wider world.
My family live in Yemen. I save a lot of money now by making Whatsapp calls using wifi. It's opened my eyes to the world. I have come to the real world now.
—  Islington Somali Community member

New support networks

16 Somali residents aged 55 or over took part in the Log On project. They have gained confidence in using Whatsapp and are now posting and sharing information regularly.

The group have used Whatsapp to help each other when in hospital, and when being discharged from hospital. They are also using it to remind each other of prayers and other faith-based activity.

Decreasing isolation

Participants told us that better access to news and music was making them feel more connected with their community. They are using platforms such as Youtube and Skype more regularly.

Some are using Youtube to access for free services that they would have needed to pay for previously. Many are using the internet to look up local activities and events.

Which organisations are involved?

The Log On project is a partnership between Healthwatch, the mobile phone network provider 3, and six local organisations representing communities in Islington where English isn't the main spoken language. Contact Maria at Healthwatch Islington for more information.

The Log On project received funding from National Lottery Awards for All and Cloudesley.

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