Local organisations publish joint report showing how their communities experience health services

Diverse Communities Health Voice gathers the views of black and minority ethnic communities that don't speak English as a first language.
Diverse Communities Health Voice is a partnership of ten community organisations
The partnership spoke to 153 local residents. We asked everyone what they did to take care of their own health.
'Exercise, taking care of your body, personal hygiene, mental and emotional health, watching out for changes in your body, being positive and working on your self-esteem. To love yourself, and make time for activities that are good for your health and mind.'

Resident feeding back to the Latin American Women's Rights Service

What barriers did people say were stopping them from taking better care of their own health?

  • Existing health conditions, lack of money, lack of time, lack of interpreting support, and lack of safe or comfortable feeling spaces (Islamaphobia was identified as a barrier by some residents).
  • Awareness of support programmes to help people manage their long term health conditions is low. In addition, people need to be given confidence to access these services in the first place.
  • Not all GPs consistently refer their patients to these support programmes.

We also listened to residents' views on:

  • Loneliness, and whether they felt they were well connected to other people. 
  • Health services delivered closer to their homes
  • Online services

Information and support

One to one support was given to 73 of the research participants, who needed additional help to navigate services.

All the feedback has been shared with Islington Clinical Commissioning Group. It will inform their future plans for services.

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