How you've made a difference to ADHD services

Islington's Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder service for adults is making more support available more quickly.

What has changed?

  • A psychological and social support group is now available to patients before they receive their clinical assessment.
  • This is a response to suggestions put forward by service users at a Healthwatch meeting.

In August 2017 seven local residents responded to an invitation from Healthwatch Islington to come and meet with commissioners to discuss how to improve support for adults with ADHD.

Getting the GP referral took time and then I always had to chase the admin at the was two months till the diagnostic test, had to call twice to chase and they told me I’d hear from them by such and such and then the day would come and go and there was nothing so I had to chase. In the end there was a bulk email saying stop contacting us, we don’t have the resources, we’re overstretched. It was frustrating. I was told it was an eight month list, I waited one and a half years. I looked into a private assessment but I couldn’t afford it.

Feedback from one service user on the experience of waiting for an ADHD assessment

Commissioners told us that the meeting really helped to shape plans for the new look ADHD service.

Just a few people shared their experiences, but it has led to changes that everyone who gets an ADHD referral stands to benefit from. There's a great demand for the service and it can take up to three years to get an assessment after being referred. Being able to access support during that time is going to make a huge difference.
— Emma Whitby, Chief Executive of Healthwatch Islington

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